City Swept has Arrived!

Bumble and bumble has created yet another fantastic finishing spray.  Think back to the time of grunge when you wanted that perfectly messy look to your hair.  City Swept can create the grown up version of that style because it gives your hair a lived-in look with separation and sheen. This product is great for fine-haired people will love it for the broken-in look that it gives your hair without heaviness from a lot of products.  You curly and coarse-haired people are going to love it because of the control, separation, and anti-fluff factor it will give to your hair.

Use City Swept with Thickening Full Form Mousse to create the perfect grown-up grunge look or with Thickening Hairspray to give your hair some city edge.  We dare you to play around with Bb City Swept and see how many looks you can create.