Wedding Day Hair

Whether you want tight finger waves or long, loose curls or an elaborate veil or single flower, here are a few tips to make your wedding hair look flawless.

1. Trial run is key!  Even if you think you're going for the simplest hairdo in the world, a trial run is definitely a must.  First of all pictures and props are extremely important in order for you and your stylist to be on the same page.  Bring in a picture of your dress and any hair accessories you are considering; these help to determine how to complete the hairstyle for a cohesive flow for your overall look.  Bonus points if you have the hair accessories with you at the trial run.

2. Avoid major changes.  After you've settled on your style at the trial run DON'T change your color or cut.  Even if your best friend begs you to get matching turquoise accents in your hair, you NEED TO SAY NO.  Any major changes to your cut and color can dramatically affect the wedding hair you chose and spoil the look you worked so hard to achieve.

3. Wash your hair the night before the wedding.  This helps the stylist with timing, prep, and is overall better for working with the true nature of your hair.

4. Wear a button up shirt.  We'd hate to have you ruin your perfect hair just by changing from your prep clothes to your wedding dress.  Because then you'd cry and subsequently ruin your makeup, too.  Ugh.

5. Go big or go home.  We get that you're not going for big Dolly Parton hair, but the truth of it is there's a chance that your hair will collapse a bit throughout the day.  So if you're getting your hair done at 9:00am, pictures at 1:00pm, ceremony at 4:00pm, and wedding dance at 7:00pm then it's okay if it's a few centimeters bigger than you normally would wear it.

6. The most important thing to remember is to be a glammed-up version of yourself.  It's not the day to try that style that you saw Rihanna rock at the Grammy's.  You want to go for a style that's reflective of your personality.  All eyes are going to be on you, and you'll feel more like yourself and hopefully a little relaxed, rather than walking down the aisle thinking, "Are they staring at the tinsel in my hair?  Do they hate it?  Should I stop and take it out right now?"  Be beautiful; be yourself.


Weddings, the most wonderful moments in the world, or so they say. Jokes aside, a wedding is indeed an emotional and beautiful moment in people's lives, one in which both the groom and the bride must look flawless. Before hair and makeup, this dermatologist near me charlotte nc should take a closer look at the bride's skin and even the groom's if they are known to have acne or other related problems, that shouldn't be visible on their wedding day. Nothing should ruin their big day!