Stop Washing Your Hair

Wait, what, stop washing your hair?  That can't be right.  Oh, but it is.  There's a drought happening, people, and even if there wasn't a drought, conserving water is still the nice thing to do.  I'm not saying to never, ever wash your hair, rather just skip a wash when you can.  I promise, you can still look great even if your hair isn't super fresh.  How, you ask?  Bumble and bumble to the rescue!  Bb has a line of hair powders in white, blonde, brown, and black that help with styling, dry cleansing, and as a bonus if you're roots are growing out the tinted powders help cover those babies right up.  Then there is Pret-a-powder.  This hair powder is great for extending the life of a blow-dry and adding volume to day (or two or three) old hair.  Both of these powder options are great for not so clean hair that's missed a shampoo or two.  On that magical day where you do wash your hair, do the right thing and turn off the water when you're sudsing up your hair (and body, for that matter) because on average a 14-minute shower uses 20-40 gallons of water.

Here are some other tips saving water, you know, because you want to make the world a better place.