B Loved - September Spotlight

Our client spotlight for September is Nicole McFeely!

1. How long have you been coming to B Parlor? 5 years
2. Who is your stylist? Mr. Michael Minucci
3. What are you doing for work? Rockin' the craft cocktails behind the bars at Chambers
4. What is your secret talent? I'm incredibly interested in the ways plants can heal us.  Herbal medicine is a field I'd like to enter, so finding a way to combine (or essentially bring it back to its roots) the career I have now and traditional healing is a talent I'm trying to develop.
5. What is your favorite place to nom down in the city? Saiwaii Ramen - their spicy garlic tonkotsu slays.  If you have gnarly hangover, I always hit up Lung Fung Bakery in the Richmond - their pork buns will heal you.

Thanks for always having a nonstop smile for us, Nicole!  Go visit the amazing Nicole at Chambers and let her make a delicious cocktail for you.