My Vintage Valentine Event

Ladies (AND gentlemen who like to treat their ladies), mark your calendars for February 14th for a Valentine's Day Pop-up Shop with a little bit of everything hosted at De Angelis.  Sara and Claudia will be representing B Parlor and styling up-dos at the event - the up-dos will be $20 or FREE when you purchase a dress; it's an amazing deal either way! However you choose to spend the day of love, this is a fantastic way to get it started!

The event will be on February 14th from 3pm-6pm, and here are a few things that will be featured in addition to the stylings of the lovely Sara and Claudia.
  • 20th century home decor by de angelis
  • vintage dresses by PopShop 60s & 70s
  • portraits drawn by Rachel Millar
  • DJs Ruby White & Flying Modette spinning 60s vinyl
  • Dramatic readings by Karen Finlay
  • Champagne (of course!)


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