Don't Blow It

Maybe you're running late, feeling lazy, or forgot to pay your electric bill but there are days when you don't use a blow dryer and that's okay.  Whatever the reason, your hair deserves a break from the blow dryer and other styling tools; however, your hair also deserves to look its best.  That's why Bumble and bumble created Don't Blow It.  This creme-based product was made to help your hair look great without any effort.

Don't Blow It enhances the natural texture of your hair while adding some bounce and keeping hair soft and hydrated.  Simply apply it to clean, damp hair then scrunch or twist your hair and walk out the door.  As a bonus you can use it the next day to give your hair a little extra hydration love with its Prickly Pear and Cactus Flower extracts.

Go ahead and make breakfast plans with your friends because you'll save so much time getting ready.