Hair Accessories - I Love Banana Clips

I'm a sucker for any thing bright and multi-colored, so I loved the hair accessories that were all the rage in the 80s and 90s.  Some people look at their middle school pictures and are embarrassed of how they adorned their hair. Not me.  I admit that compared to the current trends my 6th grade hair may seem ridiculous, but let's be honest at the time our hair was amazing.  We were rock stars with our bright butterfly clips, scrunchies, and banana clips.  I opened my Caboodle each morning and my eyes lit up with the color combination options - I was the queen of breaking up my banana clip in order to pair one pink half with a turquoise half.  My curly hair thrived like a magical waterfall in a banana clip!  

Be proud of how you styled yourself no matter how ridiculous it may seem now because we all know that trends come and go. You never know, fifteen years from now you may be sporting a butterfly clip looking back at a picture from today thinking, "I can't believe I just used a bobby pin in my hair, lame."